Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply is the supplier of choice for specialty fasteners in the Blacksmithing, Metalworking and Woodworking communities, Restoration work, and the Building Trades.

In the image above, you will find the cornerstones of our inventory: Square Head Lag Bolts, Square Head Machine Bolts, with square nuts, of course, Slotted Head Wood Screws, and Solid Iron Rivets.

Wood Screws include the traditional head styles, Oval, Round and Flat. We have a few brass and bronze wood screws, too, and finishes on steel screws can include Plain, Black Oxide, Bronze Plate, Nickel Plate, or even Gold Plate.

We also have a few Iron Tire Bolts, Plow Bolts, Step Bolts and Carriage Bolts in stock. For these and the machine bolts, in addition to the square nuts, we also have flat washers and split lockwashers.

Among the Tools we offer are 8-Point Sockets to drive Square Head Bolt  and Screws, Fuller Countersinks and Tapered Drills, our own Standard Screw Gauge, and more.

Our Proprietary Products


Pyramid Square Head Wood Screws,
AKA Door Screws

Hanger Blanks: Make your own

Decorative Hooks, Eyes, or Hangers

Rub Washers

  • Standard Screw Gauge, found in Tools

  • Square Head Lags, Over 1,100,000 in Stock

  • .

    Wood Screws, Over 1,600,000 in Stock

  • 8-Point Sockets, Regular and Impact, in Tools

  • Round & Truss Head Rivets, Brass Rivets

  • Carriage Bolts, Old Pattern and New

Nothing ruins the appearance of a nice piece of metalwork faster than a hex-head bolt or a Phillips head screw. Accordingly, you will not find any of either one of those items here.

Recognizing that the majority of blacksmiths and other metalworkers may wish to make their fasteners more than simply functional, we have chosen not to carry zinc-plated or hot-dip-galvanized fasteners. The material finish will be either plain, plain & oiled, or black oxide, in almost all instances. No one really wants to have to burn the zinc off their fasteners before re-working them. 

In summary, we have the following Three Rules:

No Hex Heads, No Hex Nuts! No Philips Heads, and No Combo Heads! No Zinc Plating, No Hot Dip Galvanized!

Of course, since we specialize in old-fashioned fasteners, you can also assume several additional rules, including but not limited to: No Pop-Rivets, No Torx, No Metric, and No Combo.