Use Traditional Carriage Bolts when it matters.

Traditional Carriage Bolts have either no head marks, or a simple head mark or two.

Traditional Carriage Bolts have partial threads and a full body beyond the threads. Very short lengths can be fully threaded.

Because we can no longer find adequate supplies of old stock traditional carriage bolts, we have started to Mill Order some of the most sought-after sizes, starting with the 3/8" diameter. Over time, we will add more sizes.

We will continue to order them with no head marks, partial threads, and full body beyond the threads.

All Carriage Bolts are offered only in Black Oxide finish. We had to lighten the picture to show more detail; they really are black.

Until we get the rest of our carriage bolt stock sorted out, and all the traditional pattern bolts migrated over to this category, you may have to look in both places for your carriage bolts.

The sizes we have in Mill Order quantities, we offer a discount for full carton quantities.

Order by 11am PST, Ships the Same Day